Exceeding Your Expectations


iLight is ready to provide you the 
customer with a total integration 
platform based on the technology of 
tomorrow, but with operations simple 
enough to learn today!.


The first step in a successful 
project, the consultation is also 
arguably the most important.
The information gathered at this 
stage leads on to a completed 
project that not only meets 
expectations but more importantly 
also meets you, the customers 


All installations are carried out by 
qualified personel with years of 
experience in the Lighting Control, AV and IT industry thereby excluding any 
need to import external talent.
This also naturally elliminates any 
"passing the book" in relation to 
cross product expertise


All products are supplied and 
installed with manufacturers 
warranty in place coupled with our 
own service contracts covering the 
products for their usable life span.

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