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Create stunning visual impact...

in both Interior and exterior environments. Use lighting controls to support stylish

design and emphasize architectural features.

Change scenes manually, automatically and via time schedules to match lighting with changing use of the space throughout the day.




Conference Halls

Museums & Galleries


Casinos, Bars , Clubs and Cinemas

Interior and Exterior Public Spaces

Spas & Leisure Resorts

Cruise Ships

Places of Worship


Maximise control and energy savings...

for all types of lighting across large spaces. Build occupancy and daylight management strategies for control of indivudual areas, rooms, floors and whole buildings.

Enhance the working environment with better lighting control to improve comfort and well being.



Shopping Centres

Airports & Stations

Educational Institutes


Warehouses & Commercial Premises

Factory Spaces & Process Plants


Create you own personal space...

setting the right lighting scene can enhance the character and feature of every environment. By gently softening the light in one area and brightening it in another you can create the ambience you want. Several different settings can be programmed within any room to cater for different uses – dining, reading, entertaining or watching a movie.


Prestigious private residences

Luxury apartments

Hotel suites


Home cinemas

Pools & Gymnasiums


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